She’s a BOSSE: Leadership and Etiquette for Young Ladies was founded and held it’s first etiquette class in September of 2015 in Oklahoma City at the downtown library. Since then, we have reached hundreds of young ladies, near and far (as far as the Democratic of the Congo), and published multiple publications.

Our singular goal is clear, to help young ladies become the very best version of themselves they can possibly be by encouraging critical thinking skills and intentionality. Thought-leaders contribute to the conversation, they have a voice and are focused on the objectives at hand. They also understand that self-care, self-chatter, and self-respect are mandatory elements to become all that they can be.

A BOSSE is a Beautiful Oasis of Success, Style, and Elegance. 

I am grateful.
I respect others.
I am educated.
I am a hard worker.
I am beautiful inside and out.
I am enough.
I am honest.
I love me so that I may love others.
I love and trust God.
I am a BOSSE.