Thoughts From a BOSSE

An Interactive Journal to Encourage Imagination and Artistic Development

Is your daughter creative? 
Does your daughter have fashion designs, hairstyles, artwork, song lyrics, recipes, or business ideas running through her mind?

Then this journal is for her!
Your daughter can store all of her creative ideas in one place, and create a plan to see her vision come to life! This book has more than 60 unique writing prompts that will help her to identify her creative passion.

This interactive journal encourages young ladies to explore their creativity by writing song lyrics, short stories, and recipes. Young ladies are also encouraged to explore design by drawing new fashion designs, hairstyles, or artwork! Art empowers, produces interest and engagement, and allows our young ladies to connect ideas to application. 

Key skills developed through the use of this journal include: 

  • Young ladies will develop a discrete set of creative processes used for problem-solving including curiosity, exploration, appropriate risk-taking, clear and effective communication, self-direction, flexible thinking, responsible and involved citizenship, and informed/integrative thinking
  • Young ladies will learn to appreciate the art of perception, interpretation, and evaluation as others develop an understanding of the intention of their work.
  • Young ladies will learn to follow through on ideas, defend their thoughts, and take pride in their finished products.
  • Young ladies will learn to develop connections between content creation and application (through communications with peer groups, connecting content to other areas of learning and the world around them). Their use of connection will be strengthened as they embrace collaboration, cooperation and sharing of information to support their ideas.
  • Young ladies will learn to create, respond, reflect, connect and produce in an interactive way making them better prepared for the challenges ahead.

Educators: Excellent projects for STEAM-based curriculum for Arts Enhancement.

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