“She’s a BOSSE”

What I like most about coming to “She’s a BOSSE” is that Ms. Stephanie welcomed us in with warm arms and treats us as if we were her own children and took time to set this up for all of us, but my favorite time was when we talked about our morals and self image.

I think that what I will take out of this is how to carry myself with respect, and don’t let nobody tell me what I am because before I started coming here I was always angry and thought that everybody owed me something and always had an attitude with grown-ups.

Because I had no self value and I never respected myself because both of my parents have never been in my life. And at the age of three I had already been in a shelter, been molested so I thought since this happen to me that everybody owes me something and I was always angry.

But since I have been here I have learned that to get what you want you have to be a “BOSSE” and I just want to thank all of you for your time because it really paid off and I really appreciate everything because now I’m a BOSSE.

Love you all.

“She’s a BOSSE”

My experience at She’s a BOSSE was wonderful. I learned lots of new things and I got to meet new people. I learned about how to carry myself as a girl and I think that, that is very important in life. Girls need to learn how to carry themselves to make a difference in the lives of other peoples lives as well. I’m glad I was given this opportunity to be here and learn how to live my life. This program is important to me. And I will remember it for the rest of my life.

My favorite moment at She’s a BOSSE was the time they showed me where my crown was. And to carry myself as a queen and to not let anyone change my mind about myself. I learned to be confident. I have to believe in myself to get things done in life. This program is very special to me because it helped me learn that I can make my dreams come true.

“What She’s a BOSSE is to Me”

She’s a BOSSE was a wonderful experience that I truly enjoyed. I now know what to expect when traveling, entrepreneurship, and table manners. This program taught me so much about life and how to live and function in society. I know I talked alot and for that I am truly sorry, but I was listening. This progam also taught me something that is not easily taught, it taught me that I am enough and that is all that matters. I am so happy that I got to experience this.

My favorite week was week 5. It was my favorite week because at one point I was very depressed, so depressed that I was sent to a hospital. I also anorexic, at one point I only weighed 85 pounds (I am currently 110). Last week helped teach me that I am enough n matter what people say. I made so many friends and I am so happy that I wasn’t bullied for being lesbian or being white.

The whole time I was here I felt safe because this room and these people were so welcoming. This program was a safe zone. I felt so welcome for the first time in a long time, for this I thank you so much because all my lifee I was bullied and mistreated and this helped me have confidence to stand up for myself. This place helped me control my anxiety. This place helped change me for the better. I will never be the same person. I am still me but better.

Thank you really. I’m not just saying this to win, I actually feel this in my heart so thank you.

“My experience”

My experience at She’s a BOSSE was a good experience. I learned a lot about confidence, staying true to myself and a lot more. I met a bunch of unique girls and I was comfortable being myself around them. What I think being a BOSSE means being yourself, being kind, being successful at everything you put your mind to.

One of my favorites was when the instructor cam and talked to us about being a queen. You can’t just put on a crown and say you are a queen. I think being a queen is harder than that. You have to walk a certain way. Being a queen or a BOSSE you have this certain swagger or elegance. They should be confident not cocky. These lessons I learned for the past six weeks I will use and cherish them for the rest of my life. I’m glad I learned them now and not later.

“She’s a BOSSE”

Experience with She’s a BOSSE:

My experience with She’s a BOSSE was amazing, I learned how to trust people and how to travel right and eat properly without making yourself look like a child and I have learned you on’t have to change yourself for anyone (like to fit in) I’ve learned to love myself for who I am and to be nice to others, even if they treat you bad (meaning be nice always).

Favorite moment:

My favorite moment were when I met everyone (een the people the used to go to KIPP Reach College Prep) and the snacks. And the photography. And all the fun we had.

“She’s a BOSSE”

She’s a BOSSE is a great program. I’ve learned alot as a young lay. First coming to this program I dont really like well want to be in this group but the first time I came I felt welcomed.

She’s a BOSSE is different. I like this group when all these different speakers came I listened also there was one time that I wasn’t listening and Miss Stephanie called me out and the lady was talking about money and she called me out that really had me thinking that I really need to listen because we were talking about money and that is what we need and life.

My best moment are really all of this I really liked the queen one when she said we need a foundation to be able to do this and without a foundation we can’t do anything. When Ieshia had talked about her story I connected to it because my grandfather is homeless and we try to help him all we can but life is life and have to move on in life.

I really appreciate being in this group it has developed me in being or of a young lady and I would love to come back to this program. But leaving this program I will always and forever be a BOSSE!